Analysis And Presentation Of Nike In The Jordanian Market

As a group we were tasked with the research, analysis and presentation of Nike in the Jordanian Market. We initially working together to discuss the project, plan what would need to be included and divide responsibilities between us to accomplish the main aim. Through this reflection on the presentation, I will analyze my own contribution to the group, the task and the conclusions made. I will look at how my ideas and contributions impacted upon the outcome for the task outlined, recognizing the positive points which I can take away and identify changes and areas for development when approaching a similar project. I will utilize the feedback provided from the tutor in order to establish how I can further enhance my skills moving forward. My initial role within the group activity was to research and gather evidence about the status of Nike within the Jordanian market. However I faced a number of challenges during this research stage. At first I found it was difficult to access sufficient and credible information about Nike’s marketing strategies for its products in Jordan. I contacted the company directly but did not receive a response so was unable to obtain empirical data, this limited my ability to base my finding based on fact rather than opinion and speculation; which in turn hindered my ability to form strong objectives as a basis for my further research and analysis. Due to the challenges of finding marketing data from Nike and its core competitors in Jordan I broadened my research to the main companies as a global business; this however did not encompass numbers relating to Nike’s market share in Jordan or intelligence on their consumers. To rectify this issue, I would need to find alternative more reliable sources of information to establish a fact based conclusion which can be thoroughly and critically analyzed by myself and my peers.

One of the main challenging factors included the time I had available to meet with the other members of the group. We endeavored to work together as much as possible with the intentions of supporting each other as a team however I work and reside outside Jordan and was not able to meet with the group as regularly as I would have liked. This lead to me working on my given tasks independently for the majority of the initial stages. When we were able to arrange time together I had the opportunity to share my findings with my peers, they provided me with the feedback from their own studies which enabled us to put together our presentation from our collective research and analysis. I feel that working with a group despite working apart helped me greatly in understanding the support material more clearly and motivated me to finish what was required with the time allocated. I was benefitting from others experiences and knowledge of the topic as well being encouraged through our shared discussions and feedback. As a development from this experience I think a more effective use of online technologies and communication tools such as Skype would have benefitted our undertaking of the group work task. It would have enabled me to participate more effectively remotely with my peers; it would allow us more flexibility in supporting each other and engaging in discussions on a more regular basis. An additional role I was tasked with was identifying barriers to Nike within the Jordanian market, including the challenges in the promotion of Nike products to Jordanian consumers. As with previous research I found a limitation in sources specifically to Jordan but was able to look at the market in Jordan as a whole to support me in identifying the economic challenges and market trends. On reflection I believe it would have been beneficial to the project and our understanding if we were able to identify the core strategies of Nike’s core competitors, researching their marketing strategies in the region and how these may compare.

Within my role I conducted a SWOT analysis base on Nike as a global brand, this was able to support me to analyze the brand in more detail, looking specifically at the main factors that influence the brand, its strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities available and the possible threats. The strengths identified included the power of Nike’s reputation in the market, the quality of its products; it has a strong global presence and is considered to be innovative in its designs, anticipating the market trends. My assessment of the weaknesses specifically for the Jordanian market included the limitation of distribution and the methods of marketing and promotion used. I believe that Jordanian consumers are just as ambitious as others in the global market and seek to follow the market trends and aspire to obtain innovative and fashionable products of excellent quality. The specific threats that face Nike include the challenging economic conditions in Jordan as well as negative practices within the industry. I believe that if the company was to expand within the region there would be difficulties in retaining its continuity. I was unable to find a clear marketing plan for Nike in the region which would need to take into account the economic situation of the majority of the consumers in the Jordanian market. This analysis gave me the foundation to identify the ways in which the company could improve and strengthen their place in the Jordanian market, including what opportunities they could take advantage. On further reflection, with more detailed data the SWOT analysis conducted could have been more detailed, I could have put scaled each of the points to identify the impact and gather more information on the internal and external influences. The feedback given from the presentation highlighted a number of areas for development including the use of perceptual mapping. If the project was repeated I would ensure to follow the correct methods starting with using a suitable market research study selecting the most likely determinate attributes, in this case the price, quality and customer satisfaction. I would also need to detail a more thorough list of competitors within the product category and allocate scores against the determinate attributes to give a more realistic estimate of the consumer perceptions.

Another area identified in the feedback is the need for improvements in the formatting of the PowerPoint presentations. Even though there was a collaborative approach in completing this task I believe that it is important to ensure that any presentation is correctly structured displaying the content clearly and concisely. In future presentations with this approach I think it would be valuable to allocate one of the team to oversee the continuity of the presentation and make sure that it is compliant with the requirements of the task as well as a strong visual representation of the work done. Having completed the project I feel that I have enhanced my understanding of the value in the research stages of a task, I believe that in comparison to my existing abilities my research skills have progressed greatly in order to tackle the challenged faced in this case. This will support me in future research projects and enable me to use my skills to maximize the sources available to me to ensure more detailed, current and relevant data is collated. Through the planning, research and analyzing stages of the project I feel I have gained new understanding of how to analyze more effectively and develop more detailed and comprehensive marketing plans. Collaborating with others in order to coordinate both time and share experience has enhanced my understanding and helped me to broaden my approach. I have developed my ability to effectively compromise, communicate, recognize and understand different perspectives to learn from and deepen my own understanding. We worked towards a common goal and I feel that this aspect helped us to adapt to suit the task and work to our strengths; this has in turn helped to improve my confidence and focused my motivation.

In conclusion I believe that if tasked with a similar project again I would ensure that I learn and develop from the number of challenges faced, I would work to apply my existing understanding to reach the most effective and well researched solution. I would like the opportunity to participate more within a group of my peers face to face without the limitations of distance experienced from this project. I would also like to enhance my understanding through additional feedback on performance from colleagues and those who have the relevant industry experience. This would provide me with a strong foundation to develop my skills further. I feel I have learnt from the challenges faced within this group project including tackling the barriers faced in gathering reliable data and working collaboratively remotely from peers. Unfortunately one disappointing factor is that I could not be present for the day of the presentation with my peers and our lecturer in Jordan. I have been able to receive the relevant feedback from both my group and the tutor but feel that I missed out on the valuable experience of presenting our work as a group.

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