Business as an Agent of World Benefit Expository Essay


In the World Inquiry Innovation Bank website, there are different cases where companies have made money by serving community needs. This essay looks at some of the examples of these cases, and tries to investigate if the business is an agent of the world benefits an academic fad or a change in business principles.

Examples of these cases

London Cleaners take an active part in activities for preventing the environment in London. They have turned to the use of garments which do not harm the customers, and are environmentally friendly. Another famous case is for Portion Pac Chemical Company.

This company manufactures chemicals. In the mean time, this company has embarked on reducing the size of the packaging devices so that the amount of energy used can reduce. The company has embarked on production of effective and safer products. Brownfields has started a debt management program which is meant to help people who have intentions of buying real estate assets.

Equal Exchange has established a fair trade model to the customers. In addition, they educate consumers on trade issues. Bergey started projects with a positive influence on the environment. They also have the intention to develop solutions to the current environmental problems.

The above cases show that a business should be an agent of world benefit. Besides, business principles have changed. It is through the business activities and the profits of these companies that the society should benefit from. This is termed as corporate social responsibility. This is where a company engages in activities outside their line of business, aimed at benefiting the community.

London cleaner’s creation of a cleaning system has helped the people in many ways as well as the company winning awards. The award has made the company realize increased sales and profits thus generating more cash to participate in environmental conservation. Portionpac introduction of the packaging system that reduces the cost of energy is particularly useful.

This has made the cost of living less expensive to the people as they experience reduced expenditures. The Brownfields Capital cleanup program, restoration of urban planning program, infrastructure development, incremental tax revenues, traffic and pollution reduction are beneficial to the people. These programs have impacted positively on the lives of the people.

Planned urban and organized constructions program made movements easy. Improved infrastructure will result to reliable transportation system hence low cost of living. Tax revenue channeled back to the nation makes provision of services and other amenities available. Less pollution has reduced the number of diseases affecting the people.

The programs by Equal Exchange have reduced poverty levels. As a result, their sales increase enabling them to make more awareness to the people. Bergey preserves the environment by reducing escalating energy prices. This has made them afford modern sources of energy.


In short, businesses are agents for world benefits. Through their products and corporate social responsibilities, people should benefit. In return, the people will buy more of their products hence more profits. On the hand, there is a change in business principles.

This marked with companies changing towards being socially responsible so that they can develop an outstanding reputation. The outstanding reputation will in turn up their revenues.

This expository essay on Business as an Agent of World Benefit

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