Doing the Truth in Love by Himes, Michael Edition 95” Essay

The Christian religion has some values that can be seen to follow the line of ethical conduct in the community; Himes Michael in the book “Doing the Truth in Love by Himes, Michael Edition 95” discuses the religion of Christianity from the angle of a catholic. This short paper reviews chapters seven to nine of the book and discusses some of the aspects brought about.

Sacramental Vision

When discussing on sacramental vision, the writer elaborated on the attachment that Catholics had with sacrament; they believe that sacrament is the body of Christ thus they perform the ritual as a form of remembrance of the father of the religion.

The sacrament is aimed at renewing relationships with Christ and offering the Christians a chance to repent their sins and connect with the fathers of the religion.

From the ethical perspective, the issues of renewing once visions and keeping the vision that one has is reinforced in the chapter; whether in business or community, it is ethical to be focused on once vision and have policies to keep track in the case the vision seems burred.

The chapter was significance as understood that human beings can fail in their promises however it gives them hope that when they fail, they should not keep on the broken situation but should arise and repent and move on with life.

The most interesting thing about the topic is how understanding and forgiving Christ it; the virtue of accepting once sins and repenting them has also been emphasized.

  • When reading the chapter the questions that lingers in the mind is how many time can someone seek repentance?
  • If forgiveness is guaranteed are there chances that people will become reckless with their actions
  • Is there an ideal situation in the world?

Eucharist: Covenant, Thanksgiving, and Destiny

When the writer was reflecting on the topic he was of the opinion that in life its ethical to show your gratitude and offer some thanks to those people who do good to you; the approach as taken by the religion shows the need to value the little things that other people do to someone and being willing to pass a vote of thanks.

In Christianity, Eucharist is a show of reunion with the Christ whom the Christian has a covenant with, they do this through thank giving, repenting and keeping focused to their destiny.

When reading the chapter, the most important aspect that came out is the need to offer thanks and appreciate other people who have done something good to use; on the other hand, the chapter reinforces the need to keep our promises with other people and suggest that people should have a way that they should remind themselves of the promises they made and keep them.

When reading the text, the most interesting thing that comes in my mind is how well the Christians with catholic faith have mastered the art of repenting and thanks giving however the question that lingered in my mind is how sincere the believers are?

Should Eucharist and thank giving offer them a leeway that they can behave unacceptable then repent to save their relation with God and keep their destiny alive?

On the positive side of it, the chapter was challenging me to look into the promises that I have made and consider if I have enacted adequate strategies to them work.

Doing the Truth in Love

The religion of Christianity is called the religion of love; love is in the center stage of the religion as people are expected to love each other as they love themselves.

In chapter nine, the writer emphasis the need to do the right thing and be truthful in what they do, love should be the center stage when deciding how to treat someone or the measures to take in the case that an issue has arose.

When reading the chapter the most interesting thing was to the extent that the bible requires people to love each other, the love should be as much as someone loves himself; the chapter seemed exaggerated however it is the bible that states so, thus Christians have no option than obeying the commandments.

The chapter was significance in the study and understanding of ethics in societies either among people or in businesses, according to the chapter, there is increasing need to have loved and thinking of the other person as you would like him to think about you. The thought will yield good result and develop the society as a whole (Himes 78- 145).

When reading the chapter, I was feeling a deficiency that I have to love and cherish others; it was challenging to adopt the levels that it seemed to advocate however the following questions arose as a result:

  • Is the love advocated among Christians practical?
  • Can someone be able love other people equally and treat them right always?
  • Are there no situations that love can fail to work?

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Doing the Truth in Love by Himes, Michael Edition 95”

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