Effective Warm-Ups as a Way to Boost Singers’ Performance

Another significant warm up that we do as a choir that I feel is important to analyze is the warm up where we say: “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa”, but sing on the pitches of “Sol, fa, me, re, do”-going down in pitch. This warm up is a fantastic warm up for all individual singers and groups to exercise. This is because sounding out the sound of “pa” helps the singer exercise the abdomen muscles while they are breathing. This exercise helps to improve breath control because the sing has to breathe deeply in order to produce a good, palsy sound. There is also another reason why we practice this exercise on pitches instead of just wording it.

The reason is being that going up and down in pitch helps to improve breath control within the singer’s own range. In other words, using this exercise on pitches is a practical way to implement efficient breathing into the singer’s range. It is also to note that this exercise could be used to expand lower and higher range for obvious reasons. It allows the singer to push a big pulse of air through a higher note that would normally be a stretch for the singer, but the huge pulse of air makes the note come out easier and extends the singer’s ability. Doing this exercise regularly properly will allow for better tonality in the high notes, mostly because of the repetition of singing the high notes. To summarize, this exercise not only helps to improve breath control, but after a long period of properly exercising, it can expand the singer’s range.

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