Fashion for different Body types


Your clothing, makeup, accessories, lifestyle, footwear, body and hairstyle this is Fashion and style. Everyone has there own style of carrying themselves. The word Fashion comes from Latin word ‘Facere’ meaning ‘to make’. Fashion keeps changing with day to day trends. In different parts of the worlds there are different traditional and non-traditional outfits, these dresses usually depends on the cultural and temperature variations like rain, humidity and heat.

Artistic, creative and imaginative what a fashion designer must be, even if they don’t have good artistic hands and mind they should have creativity to bring out the best from the clothes it’s shades and tones. Fashion: color paletteDress according to Body TypeA dress which looks amazing and sexy on a model or a online store and looks awful on you, doesn’t mean you don’t have a good body or figure it’s that dress is’t made for you, because everyone is unique and beautiful in there you own way. So let’s see what your body type and what dress will suit you the most.Different Body TypesAn hourglassDraw attention to your waist and work on your curves to highlight it.Avoid wearing baggy clothes as it wont’ show your curves.Use the correct size of bra, if your busts are large as over-sized or short will show up very easily.

A pear shaped body

This body type is blessed with beautiful shoulders so highlight them using necklaces or scarfs.Avoid tight bottoms, go for A- line dresses or flared pants.For the bottoms use dark colors for color blocking with bright tops.An Apple shaped bodyYour bust is a virtue for you try enhances that wear belts on bust on waist as that will create more curves.Don’t wear tight tops, wear which are layered, or ruffled.Avoid putting on double breasts jackets.Skinny pants or straight pants are a big NO! , try flared or loose palazzo or pants.Wear prints.A rectangular body shapeIf your body don’t have natural curves, create them with your clothes. Wear belts on waist to highlight them.tops, peplum jackets, skirts and dresses will create the illusion of an hourglass shape.I hope you find this article helpful and interesting to read.

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