Football, Its Objective, Players, and a Coach Essay

Sport is always an interesting topic for discussion. Football is the most popular team game in the world that has a long and rich history. It was not always the same sport as we currently know it and had to face many changes. There were many games similar to this one in different eras, and they have led to the creation of football.

The central objective of this game is to score a goal. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, and some rulebooks are more than a hundred pages long. It is hard not to mention a referee who handles all the final decisions and has numerous duties. Yellow card and red cards are essential attributes of each one that is used to warn players. Interestingly, some of the decisions are quite controversial, and many suggest that video replays should be used to make better judgments. However, it may take too much time and may cause even more arguments. This game is very intense, and it is hard for one official to keep track of all the action, and assistant referees are needed.

Players also should not be forgotten, and very talented ones are often discovered. Some of them demonstrate truly extraordinary skills and abilities on the field, and their salaries are also remarkable. The amount of money they earn each day is hard to comprehend, but it is a billion-dollar industry, and team owners do their best to keep the most valuable ones. It is important to understand that a match cannot be won simply because a team has one or more talented players. It is a team game, and cooperation is essential for victory, and the overall strategy. It is also necessary to say that it can be very exhausting physically and mentally, and many incidents have resulted in severe injuries.

Players must train daily to keep the shape and improve their skills. Football competitions should also be mentioned, and world cups are especially important. Such tournaments are enormous and anticipated by fans each year. Many matches are very intense, and some players cannot handle the pressure because they represent a country and care about the game and the success of their teams.

A coach can be viewed as the heart of the team. They are respected by football fans and have numerous responsibilities such as support and motivation of professional athletes. Multiple attack and defense strategies can be developed, and they are picked according to the opponent that a team has to choose. Various rivalries are interesting to observe. It should also be said that it was traditionally viewed as a men’s sport. However, the situation has changed over the years, and numerous female teams participate in a broad range of tournaments each year.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that this game is loved by many. Football matches can gather thousands of viewers, and millions watch them at home. The amounts of merchandise that are being sold each year are impressive. It can even be viewed as art in some instances because some maneuvers that are performed by professional players are truly impressive. Overall, this is an excellent sport that can be played both professionally and not professionally by people of all ages.

Football, Its Objective, Players, and a Coach

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