Future Proof your Body

You become wiser with age, your analysis of situations is more accurate and at this point in your life you are most probably financially stable. You can afford to get a taxi from a distance that you would otherwise walk, buying expensive drinks and eating out is not an issue, you can do this seven times a week! But sadly as you age so is your body, some activities are hard to do, you get tired easily and you are less motivated to keep fit. All these could be avoided if you adhere to a healthy life style, both physically, mentally and nutrition wise.

For those interested in maintaining a perfectly healthy body for the future, the following suggestions could help.

Best exercises to do now to be healthy in later life:


There are many exercises that you could take up depending on your schedule. Some are too busy for the gym but no need to worry, many of these suggestions could easily be done at the comfort of your home and neighborhood.

Cardiovascular exercises

You can spare 30 minutes of you time either in the morning or evening and take a quick run or jog around the neighborhood. Running helps strengthen muscles, builds strong bones, maintain a healthy weight and most importantly improve cardiovascular fitness.

If you have no time to spare for a run, you can consider walking. There are short distances that don’t necessarily need you to drive, take that walk and exercise your muscles aiming for the knees, ankles, shoulders and your spin.

Resistance exercises

You could also consider sit ups and weight lifting. Don’t o in trying to lift heavy weights. Remember your body has changed and therefore any injury will take longer to recover than when you were 20. Take 15-20 minutes doing resistance exercises, this will help your body maintain your weight.

Yoga or simple stretches

Yoga will help stretch your muscles, it lessens chronic pain such as headaches, arthritis and lower back pains. Yoga will help treat insomnia, lower your blood pressure and make you more flexible.


Other than driving to work, you could consider cycling. This will not only serve as you means of transportation but also a form of exercise. Cycling improves posture and coordination, improves joint mobility, manages diseases and decreases fat levels. Consider this when groceries shopping, and just a bonding activity with you family.


Other than it being a recreational activity, swimming could also be made as a form of exercising. You will maintain a healthy heart, lungs and weight, helps tone muscles and build up strength, and builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Maintaining a healthy body does not revolve around exercising alone, your nutrition plays a major role. Sticking to your exercising routine will mean nothing if your eating habits revolve around snacks and junk food.

Eat whole foods

Processed foods lack antioxidants and fiber, they contain extra sodium and sugar. Maintain a diet of legumes, whole grains, seeds, tubers, vegetables and fruits. Whole foods are rich in phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, they contain more fiber and beneficial fats.

Stay hydrated

Water is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. It helps flush out toxins, relieves fatigue, increases energy, boost immune system and in a natural headache remedy. Water is a source of life, thus it should be taken on a regular basis.

Don’t skip a meal

Eating on a regular basis helps prevent the body from accessing the fat reserves to provide the required energy. You will be alert and focused on a full stomach. You could stick to an eating pattern of 3-4 hours.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Anything done in an exaggerated manner is harmful to your body. Limit your caffeine intake to a cup a day and your alcohol intake at a glass during dinner. Consuming too much caffeine leads to insomnia, restlessness and nervousness.

Avoid beverages with lots of sugar

Drinks containing added sugar are definitely not healthy for you. Try lemon iced tea, sparkling water and avoid the temptations for a colorful drink.

Keeping a healthy body, eating well balanced diets will only take full effect on your body if your mind is in the right place. Avoiding stressful situations. To have a healthy mind, consider the following


Spare some 10-15 minutes a day to exercise your brain. Meditation helps in relaxation, clears your thoughts thus you can focus more easily in your daily activities.

Avoid smoking

Avoid any tobacco at all cost, either active or passive. Smoking increases anxiety and tension. It also causes cancer of the throat and lungs. For a future proof healthy body, smoking is not an option.

A healthy brain directly translates to a healthy life. Keep strong social networks for it helps lower your blood pressure and increases life expectancy. Whether you are a people’s person or not, maintain healthy relationships with the people around you. Laughter is a good natural remedy, thus keep that smile and laugh as often as you can.

Finally, set a goal

It is easier to achieve anything if you have well set goals. These goals should be realistic and achievable. Goals help focus your mind as it has a target to achieve. Don’t compare what your body could achieve with somebody else’s. Don’t be too ambitious, Rome was not built in a day certainly you will not achieve that healthy body overnight! Start with what your body can endure and build upon that slowly.

Being healthy starts with a willing body, mind and soul. You don’t have to do every exercise mentioned above, pick one or two that your body could endure and start. You don’t have to have equipment and money for a gym membership. There is no greater time to start living healthier than now. Live a life now that the 40 year old you will be grateful for. These are just but a few of the ways you can proof your body for a healthy life in the future.

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