Genetics And Cell Biology – A Perfect Choice For My Educational Background And Research Interests

Becoming a scientist has always been a dream of mine from the day I was first introduced to the captivating concepts of science and medicine in particular. The mental ability to approach a problem with the right amalgam of logic and reasoning has supported me in inching towards my goal. As a first step out of school, I decided to take up biology as my optional subjects which laid the foundations for my goal in higher secondary school.

I was fascinated by how single-celled organisms with simple organelles yet with complex activity are present in the environment. For this reason and many others, I took Microbiology for my bachelor’s degree in Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science for Women. Driven by the desire to do research, from my very first day at college, I explored several options and obtained a cutting edge, assimilating to the maximum, from my coursework to project submissions. During my final year, I had subjects on genetics, molecular biology, and virology, it was then I grew an undivided interest in these areas. First class in these subjects is a testimony and reflection of my zeal for these subjects.

As a continuation of my pursuit for research coupled with my profound aptitude in the area of molecular biology and genetics spurred me to pursue a post-graduation degree in M. Sc. Medical Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis at Chettinad Academy of Research and Education. I have done the master thesis on “A study of Acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid against dextran sodium sulphate induced genotoxicity, cytotoxicity and altered gene expression in mice”. Under the guidance of Dr. Surajit Pathak, I gained an opportunity to learn Animal handling and sample collection. I believe these experiences have prepared me to be a productive member of a research team.

It is my utmost desire to pursue a doctoral program in order to further extend my knowledge and to explore the unknown areas in the discipline of Genetics and Cell Biology. After completing my Master’ degree, I decided to do explore the opportunities across the world to get a different perspective. I came to know through DAAD seminars that Germany offers the excellent opportunity, exceptional infrastructure, and well-equipped laboratories for international students. As I am highly motivated to study extensively about the molecular concepts and techniques in depth, I chose to do my second master’s degree in molecular Diagnostics which would give me a clear picture and pave my way for my further studies. It will also help me to get adapted into a new research environment and be a preparatory step for my potential Ph. D. program in the future.

After a thorough research, I found that the Master’s program at the XXX was perfectly tailored for my educational background and research interests. The renowned faculty combined with pleasant and welcoming University ambience, the high-end research facilities, and a well-balanced academic program are the factors which have motivated me to apply to your university where I will be able to enhance my knowledge with the opportunity of getting exposure to the latest developments taking place and am sure it would help me to mold my career in a great way. A strong academic background and ability to work unceasingly are my strengths. I have been instilled with a strong work ethic and always go an extra mile to finish, and I believe these traits will help me to do well and succeed. I am confident that my academic experience, professional goals, and my enthusiasm will make me a strong candidate for a place in this course. I’m sure that my drive attitude and drive will keep to your expectation. I look forward to fulfilling my career and my passions starting in Germany.

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