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Every manager understands the role of training and development. The critical bit is based on the ability to provide the company with ways of handling its changes as well as creating new linked departments. The aim is to bring out the best in the possible management sections. It also creates a new basis through which the services within are generated with the aim of having better ways of handling the cultural shocks that may arise (Kaplan, & Norton, 2013). In several parts of the society, managers have to remain integrated to the system through the structures presented because these plans are critical when delivering what is considered as the main concerns in the society. It is important to also look at ways of improving the automation process as that presents frameworks that could be borrowed at various times to provide clients with the best services (Niven, 2010). The training has to also be linked to the adherence to the legal procedures that will ensure that the bureaucracy within Tesla does not place stakeholders at any risk.

Some of the problems witnessed across Tesla’s Model 3 are caused by an inability to shoulder the recurring issues because of the challenges the system administrators face when they want to make changes to the current provisions. They have to adhere to certain provisions that may cost the company the needed timeframe(Person, 2013). Training on the best ways of dealing with such issues is vital. That will bridge any gaps noted within the workplace. New trends are present and the world should be a better place if every company could make such follow-ups and adhere to the demands of new technology.

Strategic objectives

The shareholder value and financial perspective of the organization are important ventures that require increased attention. The aim is to derive new ways of dealing with the current society. The basis of growth here is to provide metrics to show growth and development (Person, 2013). The first objective is to see the revenue of the company increase by 18% and the costs reduce by at least 6% within the first 12 months in operation. This will improve the operations of the company at all levels. The second objective is to see an increase of at least 9% of the company’s market share within a period of 16 months. That is good time to provide the basis for developing, selling and strategically positioning the company to meet the required demands. The third objective is to increase the company’s profitability within six months to gain more revenue for expansion (Kaplan, & Norton, 2013).

Customers are very valuable in any company. They provide the basis for any interaction. The first objective here is to retain more than 80% of all clients and reduce turnover to at least 1% within four months. The time will be enough to learn about what they want and experiment with this onwards. The second objective here is to improve on the customer value and make sure they can attain every bit of Model 3 they require within the shop and work with them to make improvements (Niven, 2010). The third objective is to increase customer satisfaction and improve on the way such attributes are needed to bolster the core demands of the clients at all levels. Getting a score of at least 90% from the clients will be a good start and improvements will be based on the recommendations made.

Internal operations are an important part of any organization. They determine the changes and levels of development expected. The first objective here is to improve employee performance by 30 percentage points by the end of the third month. All employees will be measured at the start and three months later to check on the progress (Person, 2013). The productivity will also have to increase by 40% within the first three months as a result of the increased performance amongst the employees. That allows for an increase of the revenues too. The third thing is the impact of the change that will be based on the number of clients retained and the reduction in both employee and client turnover.

Employees are the pivot of any growing company, and determine the level of growth based on their learning. The first objective is to improve the satisfaction by 50% as a way of reducing their turnover within the first six months of each employee joining the company. The second objective is to reduce turnover up to below 4% per annum. This will give many a chance to growth. The R&D department will receive more funds to improve the technological advances and deliver better strategic satisfaction amongst the employees (Niven, 2010).

Communication plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide the right information within Tesla. The audience targeted is the employees and the clients. The implication is that the channel used must be ideal for all parties. One way Tesla can make such headway is by the use of social media. This will be a good way. Company newsletters will reach both parties, though some clients may not get the right information. The company website will also be a good place to start. Since some countries are denying Tesla a chance to use the showrooms, the online methods are a good way (Young, 2010). It is cheap and will be an easier way of gaining so much through online methods.

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