Islamization Of The Way Of Thinking

The idea based on the term Islamization can change the view of the community by drew attention to avoid conflict especially in the aspect of education system. The author concluded that for a person to save himself from involving the confusion that driver of the spirit of Islam, he should develop Islamic way of think in his life. These are the principles that guide people’s perspective and thought especially in Islam teaching.

The author wrote the first important way of thinking, which is every individual has to put faith on Allah as He is the one and only God. A person is considered as a believer in which he believe what makes Allah special like nothing else in the world and the only one deserved to be worship. In a while, those who acted in ignorance is in a condition of astray when they chose to not to follow revelation. Besides, a human being is given a freedom to choose whether to be good or bad. It is knowledge gained by the person to show him the straight path. In brief, the author emphasized the practise of the principle in one’s life as it can preserved him from negative concepts.

Secondly, the author discusses the attributes of Allah where He is the one and never ends. Allah’s attribute is purposely to prove the existence of Allah and to show that Allah is the Creator and cause of causes of all creatures, also included, everything in this life is owned by Allah. Moreover, author also relate the essential of humanity with humankind where human are given temporary gifts to enjoy in this world. Furthermore, under the unity of truth, it has reorganized knowledge as religion relates to it. This refers to three principles based on Islamic knowledge. Firstly, revelation has to be free from claims and accurate. Next, it can be solved if there is contradiction.

Third, the inquiry of the nature of creation has created infinite. In brief, Allah created everything so that humans will get benefits from it and all His creation has ending except Him. In addition, the author in his discussion in the unity of life section, he noted the opinion that Allah encourages humans to seek knowledge as it will give advantage for the person. He mentioned that the Divine Will are divided into the law of nature which focus on ritual worship and the moral laws that are affecting one character. The author briefly touches upon moral values as it is emphasized in Islam. Followed by, knowledge of a man is reflected by his action. The western thoughts are discussed and the differences between theirs and Muslims, which author’s explanation to be open-minded and understanding. In the early period of Islamic history, the author reported that they were many invasions until it made disagreement among Muslims and nations disintegrate.

Scholars became conscious, and they had to bear the responsibility as well to protect the traditional Islamic system. Many occasions happened whereas western powers tried to westernize the society to present their malaise. However, of all what happened, the author presents the lesson whereas those countries had failed their mission. Eventually, they succeed only in weakening and educated the society.

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