Marketing Mix Analysis Of Coca Cola

The brand Pepsi has appealed to younger people for a long time since in the their adverts since they put kids in them with loud music, lots of sport and getting celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Brittney Spears. The overall message in Pepsi is to be happy and fun the 3 colours on the logo is very remember able and their advertising is shown all over the world in nearly every street so it imprints their logo into your head. People know that Pepsi is trustworthy since it was made nearly 130+ years ago that it shows that Pepsi is good since the business has lasted that long. The brand Coca-Cola is made for adults who have finished work and are going home to their family. The infamous red and white can is very noticeable in stores and since the company has been round since the 1800’s they can trust the drink because it is the second carbonated drink to be ever made so it has a reputation to be good since it has nearly have to last 120+ years. Their latest idea to bring the community closer to coke is the “share it with (someone’s name)” engaging their target audience and strengthening the connection between them and their customers and people like to share their bottle names online which advertises coke to them and spreads the word about the new thing to everyone.

Coca-Cola uses price to entice you in as the bottles of 500ml are quite expensive on their own at a price of £1. 45 but they know this so you will buy the 2 for 1 deal which is normally a lot cheaper than buying 2 separate and they put it on the label with bold writing saying 2 for £2 so this uses one of the P’s in the marketing mix which is price to try to grab in as much people as they can. For an example coke is a premium drink at a high price for 500ml which attracts the middle class and upper class as they want a good drink to have but coke also attract the lower economic class as they do massive deal for buying in bulk as you can buy a pack of 30 cans for a cheap price of £8. 50 according to this store called mysupermarket. co. uk so this gets a lot more people buying the product as they such a premium drink for so cheap so this is another P for the marketing mix which is people. Another P coke uses is place which they put their drinks in the corner shops around the streets since it’s not far from anyone’s house or they put it in very heavy populated street main shops like Sainsbury’s and Tesco The benefits of brand/brands to your company is that it makes a strong reputation with the consumer and the company and the company can be linked with good business ethics which would make more people buy their product over the cheaper version at other stores since they know you’re a good company worth funding.

A likely effect of an unsuccessful branding will be the brand image as it may not look enticing. Another thing is the brand positioning when it tries to identity and does not look like what the product originally started at, for example in the 1980’s Coke was losing to Pepsi in advertisement so Coke had to make a comeback but that backfired and made situations worse, coke then released a new formula for their drink but the reception was bad and people got nostalgic for the original flavour which made coke pull the new formula out of their drink quickly.

Reasons why a business needs to promote itself because if a business has a new product or service they need to advertise it to generate sales and demand for services and make the public know about this product/service another thing is to make sure the public know that your company is not dead and still is releasing new products/services, sometimes they advertise themselves to show that they are still competitive and trying to beat other competitors. Examples of businesses promoting themselves is when companies get their online marketing right which increases their online sales as a good online advertisement can entice loads of people to buy their product or service as all succeeding businesses have some of the best advertisement in their area Sprite another Coca-Cola brand is another of their top best brands in the Coca-Cola Company which generates 3. 7 billion dollars a year says Forbes and is the 3rd most sold drink on the beverages market which is constantly advertised by celebrities all over the world.

The place of where sprite is sold is all around the world in more than 190 countries and is mostly sold in corner shops and near beaches on a hot day.

The product is very noticeable in the shops as it has a signature green colour to it and the sprite company is much known and is seen as a premium drink this has clearly shown it is a successful product as it is one of the most profitable drinks in the market.

The people who buy sprite are mostly people who buy cheap drinks since sprite is very cheap to make and very cheap to buy, its mostly for people in a low working class standard or middle class since the bottle (500ml) is about 80p-£1 which is far cheaper compared to other soda giants so it attracts those people and since the drink tastes and looks good it makes people think It is a bargain for a premium drink and also sprite also uses deals to entice people to buy more of their drinks or buy a bigger version (1Ltr or 2Ltr according to mysupermarket. co. uk) for a little bit more money.

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