Message In the Gospel of Matthew Essay

What this Story Says About Jesus

This Biblical story tells us about the end of the world. Jesus is speaking to his apostles about the last days. The passage encourages believers to keep watch and be ready for God’s second coming. Jesus uses the example of a thief who comes to steal at night. No knows when the unexpected thief might come (Duvall and Hays 18). This story explains why Jesus should be treated by God’s son. The Bible explains how God gave Christ a superior position than all human beings. He knows everything about the future. Christ is powerful because he is God’s son. He has the power to predict and prophesy the future. These verses encourage Christians to follow Christ’s message to see God’s kingdom. The “passages before these verses inform the reader about the last days” (Duvall and Hays 32). According to Jesus, the world will encounter great tribulations during the time. The Holy Bible encourages every believer to expect catastrophic signs such as food shortages, diseases, wars, earthquakes, and human disagreements (Duvall and Hays 43).

The story is meaningful because it explains why every believer should be prepared. The passages go further to explain how God will punish and destroy the wicked during the time. The bible describes how Christ will rescue those who devoted their lives to their creator. According to the subsequent passages, “God will come to take the discreet slave” (Mathew 24: 45-47). The chapter encourages believers to follow God’s words because his prophesies are inevitable. The passage helps Christians to believe everything narrated by Jesus. The story tells us that Christ is God’s son. His “heavenly status” makes it easier for us to understand Jehovah’s messages and prophesies. This passage advises Christians to “keep watch and prepare themselves because the Lord is coming soon” (Duvall and Hays 46).

The Writer’s Message to the Audience

In the Gospel of Matthew, Christ uses different stories to say something meaningful to the readers. In Matthew (chapter 24), Jesus uses different stories and examples to inform the reader about God’s second coming. These passages encourage Christians to trust God’s words. This is necessary because every story in the Holy Bible help believers to be faithful. The passages explain why believers should focus on God’s predictions and prophesies. Jesus narrates these stories in a proper manner. The approach helps believers understand why no one is aware of the last days. He encourages “Christians to look for new signs at the end of the world” (Duvall and Hays 46). However, Jesus does not say anything about the last day. Believers should read these stories together. This will help them understand the message intended by the Gospel writer (Duvall and Hays 49). The smaller stories help the reader understand why God’s promises are inevitable. The stories deliver the intended message to the targeted Christians.

The three stories narrated by Christ have several things in common. To begin with, the stories portray the powers possessed by the narrator. This explains why Jesus gives his prophesies about the end of the world. As well, the stories encourage believers to be prepared because Christ has always kept his promises. The story of the master’s servant explains why the end of the world is unpredictable. The parable of the talents shows how God will come to reward every person for his or her work on earth (Duvall and Hays 58). Jesus uses these stories to pass across his message. In conclusion, Christians should explore these stories carefully and attentively. This is necessary because they present the best information to everyone ready to see God’s kingdom.

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Message In the Gospel of Matthew

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