Reasons To Purchase An Iphone Over An Android

Are you team Iphone or team Android? There are many reasons to purchase an Iphone but in this unprecedented rivalry, here’s why Apple has always maintained the edge over its Android competitors! Both operating systems are unique in their own way and Androids have certainly developed quickly and consistently over the years. The market expanded and became competitive due to Android showing Apple that some features matter and should be necessary!

Faster operating system

An IPhone definitely has a faster operating system than the android. The bionic chip that has been implemented in the iPhones exceeds the speed of androids. The newer versions of the Android such as the Galaxy s9 are not able to open large files as fast as an IPhone. IPhone processor will not slow down due to the amount of data stored on your phone.


The iPhone user interface is much more polished. The iPhone remains the easiest phone to use by far. No matter the upgrades the software works the same and easy for our generations that are not so technically savvy. The phone layout is easy to use and the size of the layout is friendly. Apple has its enhancements such as Siri but the device still has a zero learning curve.

Best user support

If problems are encountered with Android, there would be only two solutions. Persons would call their carrier or visit any of the online forums that would provide any information on solving your problem. On the other hand, with the IPhone you are welcome to visit a vast database on Apple Website that has useful articles to assist. Moreover, you can visit live chats or schedule an appointment with one of the Apple technicians at an Apple Genius Bar. Setting an appointment avoids the long waits and faster service.

Family Sharing

With family sharing, families may save money by families making purchases from the App store, iTunes and iBook’s for multiple persons. Everyone would still be allowed their own iTunes accounts but if a member of the family wants to make a purchase, it’s easier to monitor. Purchasing items, the device will send an alert via the Ask to buy feature to prevent bill shock. Storage plans would also be offered for the family to purchase at low prices. Lastly, the entire family would be able to share photo albums, shared calendar and allows parents to monitor their kids on a map.

Integration with other devices

Apple offers a more consistent and integrated experience. Apple has products such as tablets, watches, iPhone and MAC computers that Android cant. Purchasing your Apple devices, Apple allows you to unlock your MAC computer using your Apple watch. It also helps by writing your emails on your phone while being mobile and finish on your MAC once you’re stationary. Your watch allows you to read your text messages or receive any calls that come through on your iPhone. Therefore, Apple has this advantage because their products are all made by the same company. There aren’t many companies that make products in all those categories as Apple, therefore, there is no integrated experience.

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