Reed Hastings Biography

Reed Hastings is the CEO and co-founder of Netflix, He invented it in 1997. He went to Stanford University in 1988 and Bowdoin College He was born as Wilmot Reed Hastings, Jr. on October 8, 1960, in Boston, Massachusetts to Joan Amory and Wilmot Reed Hastings. His father was an attorney for the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. in 1983, Reed later got married to Patrician Ann Quillin and had two kids. Before he worked to create Netflix in 1981 he worked through Marine Corps officer training in there Platoon Class. He later graduated in 1983 and joined the United States Peace Corps, he worked there for 2 years and graduated to then go to Stanford University he earned his masters Degree on Computer science in 1988.

Reed Hastings started his own Company for pure software in 1991 which soon grew rapidly over time. Over the years he was soon CEO of that company, and once it went public in 1995, his software came together with Atria to create Pure Atria. Then it came to Reed Hastings that this company with software would be a great achievement in his career. He then decided to collab with Marc Randolph to co-found Netflix 2 years later, Netflix was then a metia rental service which allowed flat rate rental-by-mail to any customers in the United States.

Later in 1998 Netflix started to mail-order DVD purchases for a 7 day period, the system was changed a year later, now the subscribers could pay a monthly fee to rent an unlimited amount of DVDs. The company grew over the years and Reed became known for his management strategies for the Netflix administration, he expanded Netflix through a movie studio partnership for catalogs, documentaries, and other movies that were not easily available at the time. Netflix later shipped it’s billionth DVD in 2007 and now it has over 65 million subscribers all over the world. Later that year he joined the Microsoft and served them up until 2012, he has also been the director of Facebook since June 2011.

Reed Hastings is the co-founder of Netflix based off of his innovative ideas. His company is now all over North America, most of Europe, South America, and New Zealand. In 2015 Netflix has a report of over 65 million subscribers.

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