Religious Pluralism

Understanding the Us Pluralism in Religion

Faith and Religious Extremism In Zhao Xiao’s book “Churches and the market economy,” it is indicated that, American churches are the core that binds Americans together.The Europeans don’t feel contented with the naive visualization of religious USA by hopeful scholars of Pop China. Americans believe that modernism and religion will thrive together while Europeans have …

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Charle Russell Biography

Charlie Russell was a professional painter, sculptor, writer, and narrator. Russell was born on March 19, 1864, in St. Louis, Missouri, as a child he designed his own imagination of the American West by stuffing his books with drawings of wildlife and American Indians. At the young age of sixteen, he reached Montana, where he …

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The History of Terrorism

The history of modern terrorism began with the French revolution and has evolved ever since. The most common causes or roots of terrorism include civilizations or culture clashes, globalization, religion, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. More personal or individual-based reasons for terrorism are frustration, deprivation, negative identity, narcissistic rage, and/or moral disengagement. …

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