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Spiritual gifts are given to people by the Trinity. Spiritual gifts cannot be exercised without the help of the Trinity because it defines these spiritual gifts right from their divine origin through their miraculous manifestation and supernatural operation. The spiritual gifts are meant to help Christians serve God better and understand the essence of serving Him.


Theological Definition

The Trinity is the name used to refer to the complex nature of God; He is three combined in one. He is God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit. All these elements of the Trinity are meant to guide mankind in following the right path and abiding by the laws of God. The Trinity is a simplified symbol of God’s love and compassion for His creation.

Biblical Foundation

God the Father is the one who is generally recognized in the Bible as the creator and the ruler of the earth. He redeemed the world when He gave up His only son to save mankind. God the Father is deemed to be a spiritual being worshipped in spirit and in truth[1]. God the Father coordinates the activities of the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God the son is the reason why creation came into being and later He became its Savior. The Son is associated with the New Testament emergence and became the head of the church. The Son was sent to set an example to people, and help them renew and increase their faith in God. It is the Spirit who created the mankind. The Holy Spirit guides, comforts and teaches mankind every day so that people choose the right way and stay on the right path.

Practical Application

The existence of the Trinity helps Christians to increase their faith because they associate their actions with those which please God and the ones that are encouraged by Him. As a result, it often leads to people’s engaging in good deeds that promote harmony and unity among God’s creatures.

Spiritual Gifts

Theological Definition

Charisma is used to denote spiritual gifts because of the meaning associated with this word, namely, “I show favor”. There are a number of spiritual gifts, and thus different people have different spiritual gifts.

Prophesy, for example, as discussed in the earlier module, is a gift, and people possessing such gift have the ability to forecast various events. Even if people have a similar gift, for example, that of prophesy, one’s prophetic gift is different from another’s indicating the variety of gifts, which makes unity vibrant. The unity of various but similar gifts results in a beautiful outlook.

Biblical Foundation

The variety in spiritual gifts is meant to ensure that one’s gift complements another’s gift resulting in a unified whole. This is what Christianity is trying to claim. It is a world where each person is part of the larger world, and if the world is to become one, people have to complement one another through their spiritual gifts. The spiritual gifts are aimed at building the body of Christ. The level of faith that each person possesses determines the type and the amount of gift that he or she gets[2].

Practical Application

Spiritual gifts have a symbolic role of bringing people together to help in serving God better. Just like the body is made up of many parts, so is the church which calls for different gifts.


Different gifts have been given to Christians to help build the church and bring all people closer to the Trinity. The Trinity directs Christians’ lives. Spiritual gifts are meant to help Christians understand Christianity better. Christians, therefore, should accept their spiritual gifts and use them to spread the gospel and act godly to all people.


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