“Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame Essay (Critical Writing)


The book “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame can help Christians and believers understand the teachings of God. The author presents his mature thoughts as a seasoned theologian. The reader can use this book to understand why God has a good plan for every person on earth.

The author addresses the challenges affecting different Christians across the globe. The ideas and thoughts in this book encourage human beings to become strong believers. This essay presents the lessons and insights gained from John Frame’s book.

Key Learning from the Book: Chapters 13-22

Frame’s book begins by identifying the unique attributes of God. I have understood why God is righteous and holy. God has always done wonderful things in order to help his people. Every reader understands why God is love. The book also explains why God’s righteousness is immeasurable. Christians should follow God’s words and promises in order to see his kingdom1.

The reader also understands why human beings should never take God’s wrath and hatred for granted. God expects every person to live in accordance with his commandments. Human beings should always be ready to worship God. I have understood why we should embrace these attributes. The practice will make it easier for us to see God’s kingdom.

Evil and sin are common in our world. I have gained new insights about the nature of evil. Evil takes different forms in order to confuse God’s followers. Human beings will encounter evil in their lives. These ideas encourage believers to appreciate Frame’s book. Every believer should use this knowledge in order to have a righteous life. Some forms of evil can affect our beliefs and expectations from God.

The chapter “The Problem of Evil” has equipped me with the best concepts and knowledge about the nature of evil2. According to this book, Christians should always be ready to serve their God. This approach will ensure every person sees God’s kingdom.

The other important attribute is God’s knowledge. God knows every about our universe. God is aware of the past, the future, and the present. His Lordship is something outstanding in this world. Human beings have always ignored God’s teachings. Christians have never taken God’s knowledge and wisdom seriously. The reader should use this chapter in order to embrace the best ideas and practices.

The approach will ensure every person benefits from God’s knowledge3. God can use this knowledge to guide or punish humankind. The book is a useful source of knowledge towards a religious life. The book goes further to analyze God’s will and power. I now understand what God can do. I also understand why God wants every person to be happy. God’s will is to rescue humankind and make him happy.

God has always been faithful. God has always kept his promises. John Frame gives some of the best ideas towards understanding God’s expectations. I am looking forward to use this knowledge as a believer. Such insights will make it easier for me to realize my religious goals.

According to the author, God is the Lord of all time. Christians should use the concept of futurism to embrace every good practice. The ideas obtained from this chapter encourage every Christian to work hard in order to see God’s kingdom4. The author also discusses new concepts such as futurism and process theology (PT). I will use these teachings to make the best decisions about my religious life.

The author also explains how God has established his position in the universe. He created the universe and humankind. This explains why he has gained the best reputation. God’s glory is immeasurable and timeless. Christians should embrace these ideas whenever making their religious decisions. Christians should understand the position of God before committing themselves to him5.

Such teachings have strengthened my beliefs as a Christian. I now understand why God will always be my redeemer. The book goes further to analyze the concept of the trinity. I have gained new memory verses (MVs) to use whenever reading the Holy Bible.

Such verses explain why Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit form the Holy Trinity. I will always use this information to strengthen my religious faith. The Holy Trinity also plays a critical role towards forming the Lordship of God. The author has supported the above ideas and discussions using the best verses from the Holy Bible.


Christians should use this book in order to establish the best relationships with their God. The author uses the best biblical verses to support his arguments. I will use these concepts to establish a better relationship with my God. God has always supported his people.

God has also kept his promises. God expects every human being to worship and respect him. Such ideas will play a major role towards supporting my spiritual knowledge and growth. Human beings should read these chapters in order to become better and responsible Christians.

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