The Acts of Luke in the New Testament Essay


The religious texts provide an important insight into the formation of world religions. In Christianity, there are a number of important books, which teach people to behave in accordance with the commandments of the God and teachings of Jesus Christ. The New Testament narrates about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and it is composed of several books. The Acts of Luke represent one of the parts of the New Testament tells about the life and activity of the Saint Apostles after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The aim of this essay is to identify the major themes of the New Testament and the Acts of Luke and to discuss how the ideas presented in the books influence my own life.

The Major Themes

The New Testament is the integral part of the Bible, which tells about the times before and after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Among all of our Gospel authors, Matthew alone is adamant about reporting that the original ministry of Jesus was directed solely to Israel (10:5–6; 15:24; cf. 28:17–20)” (Powell 108).

The Acts of Luke is the ancient Christian text written by Apostle Luke in the form of the historic chronicle. The central theme of the book is the formation of the Christian church and the dissemination of Christianity after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also, the book provides insight into the life and beliefs of the first Christians. The Apostle Luke narrates about the persecutions of the Christians and the sufferings of martyrs. The special place is devoted to the construction of the Council in Jerusalem. The book takes an important place among Christian texts not only due to the overview of the historic development of the Christian Church but also due to the religious teachings and lessons, which it provides to the Christians. It teaches the moral and ethical values of virtue, forgiveness, humility, and patience.

The Discussion

I think that the New Testament and the Acts of Luke have made a significant influence on my world perception. After reading the New Testament and thinking about the philosophical ideas, presented in it, I have realized that the values, which the book teaches us, are the fundamentals of our happiness and well-being. “The Bible carries its full message, not to those who only regard it as simply a notable literary heritage but to all persons and communities who read it so that they may discern and understand what God is saying to them” (Coogan et al. 18).

The teachings of Jesus Christ and the acts of Saint Apostles have made me take the critical view on my actions and behavior. I try to think about my life experience in light of the norms and values, which the Christian church teaches people. I have realized that humility and patience are the keys to the positive attitude to life despite all the obstacles and problems. Furthermore, they are the keys to forgiveness, which is so important for being happy. If we forgive our offenders and enemies, we forget about the pain they have made us feel, and we, ultimately, become stronger.


To summarize all the above mentioned, it should be said that the New Testament is the very important Christian text. It encompasses the historic chronicle of the period before and after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The book teaches us Christian values and indicates how to behave ethically towards others.

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The Acts of Luke in the New Testament

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