The history of Tesco Lotus

In 1994, Tesco Lotus started their first Lotus Supercenter at Seacon Square shopping mall on Srinakarin Road. A year later, in 1995, their first discount store was opened. That store focused on selling low price products. In 1998, Tesco Lotus faced the economic crisis as a joint venture between UK retailer Tesco and CP group creating a development from the Thai economy with investment in store construction and business in Thailand. The first express, Ramintra Branch was open in 2001, delivering conveniences to customers in local community. In 2003, Talad Lotus was launched to meet the needs of the communities with Talad Phong Petch as the first store. A Roll Back Program was also opened to provide help for customers.

Tesco Lotus Visa Credit Card was created in 2004, designed to be “an answer for every day”. Moreover, the first Green Store was opened to create an environmentally friendly building with photovoltaic solar panels. In 2006, Bang Bua Thong distribution centre was opened to supply Express and Talad stores. In 2008, Tesco Lotus opened the second Green Store at Salaya. Sam Khok Distribution Centre was also opened, with an international standard system and an improvement of working environment. In 2009, Plus Shopping Mall was opened, providing goods and services for customers. The clubcard, “Thank you” card, was also introduced to reward the customers’ support by giving the points to exchange for cash coupons. In 2010, Tesco Lotus opened Fresh Distribution Centre in Lamlukka with the concept “best for customers and best for the environment” to increased their efficiency in delivering fresh food.

In 2011, The “Green Line” service was created to bring convenience at checkout and an improvement of shopping experience. They also opened Tesco Lotus Extra with the concept “Extra Shops, Extra Range and Extra Service”. In 2013, “Tesco Lotus Shop Online” was created to allow customers to purchase goods online for home delivery. Distribution Centre was opened in Khon Kaen in 2014, with more than 300 stores in Northeast Thailand. In 2016, Tesco won 183 prizes of excellent organization for labor relation welfare 2016 by Minister of Labor. Moreover, Tesco Lotus partnered with 14 suppliers and hold the “United Hearts: Ruamjai Helping Thais Save on Cost of Living” campaign to guarantee that products would be 20% cheaper. From 2017 to today, Tesco Lotus had announced the new CEO named Mr. Sompong Rungnirattisai as the first Tesco Lotus CEO with Thai nationality, succeeding to Mr. John Christie.

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