The Winged Scourge by the Disney Studios: Video Analysis Essay

What Makes The Video Melodramatic

I think that the most prominent features making this video melodramatic are animation and music. Melodrama is known to be something exaggerated in an emotional way, and this video is exactly like that. The way in which anopheles and dangers caused by them are depicted, as well as the utter hardships experienced by the man who has been bitten by a mosquito, are overdramatized (“Disney ’43”). When anopheles is pictured bigger than the house, it produces a strong melodramatic effect. Such an approach makes the audience feel as if one representative of this mosquito family can destroy a person’s health, his business, and his entire household. However, if not to overdramatize the situation, it is clear that the man’s family can take care of him and continue his work so that no great harm is done to their welfare.

Another melodramatic element in the video is the choice of musical accompaniment. At the very beginning, the melody is so tense that it makes the viewers feel anxious and scared. Further, it gets even more strained, especially at the moments when the narrator talks about anopheles and the risks they may cause. On the other hand, at the moments when dwarves are fighting with the nasty mosquitoes, the music is extremely triumphant.

Finally, the video is melodramatic because of the dwarves participating in it. It combines a serious topic of a deadly disease with some of the children’s most favorite characters. The dwarves’ fight against anopheles brings a note of sensational exaggeration.

Therefore, the main melodramatic features in this video are the visual and audio presentation of the information and the characters chosen to participate in it.

My Opinion of the Environmental Behavior of the Dwarves

The ways in which the dwarves are fighting the anopheles may help to save people’s lives, but the harm caused to the environment during this process is disastrous. Three major terrible mistakes in regards to nature are spraying oil over water, burying the cans, and dusting Paris green everywhere (“Disney ’43”). The narrator explains that when oil is sprayed over water, larvae have no chance to survive. However, he forgets to mention that such a method will also destroy other animals and plants living there. Not only anopheles larvae will be deprived of access to fresh air but also fish and other organisms. Thus, such a suggestion is rather damaging to the environment.

The second action with adverse outcomes performed by the dwarves is burying cans in the ground. The material of which these cans are made does not decompose easily. When put in the soil, such material will stay there for years. Therefore, it would be better if the dwarves took those cans to some recycling center or at least make sure there is no water in them but not bury them in the ground.

Another damaging thing that the dwarves do is dusting Paris green on plants and inside the house. This substance is known to be highly toxic, and using so much of it is rather harmful. While it helps in the fight against the mosquitoes, considerations regarding other elements of nature and especially people should be made. It is not acceptable to use such amount of toxic chemicals in and around the places where people live.

Thus, the environmental behavior of dwarves is very negative. However, allowances should be made as to the time when the video was made. Back then, there were not too many options that would destroy mosquitoes without causing harm to nature.

My Initial Impression of the Video

The video is rather engaging and fulfills the purpose of sharing the information about a dangerous disease, how it can spread, and the methods of fighting with anopheles. The melodramatic character of the clip makes it easy to comprehend very serious data and creates an atmosphere of optimism regarding the possibility of coping with a deadly illness.

I think that using dwarves as the main characters of the video makes the situation look less threatening and draws the attention of various age groups. The choice of music creates an atmosphere of apprehension, but at some moments, it produces the effect of a joke, which makes the situation look more hopeful. The triumphant music at the moments when dwarves manage to destroy the mosquitoes acts as the motivator for joining the fight against anopheles.

What made a negative impression on me was the instances of the anti-environmental behavior of the dwarves. Along with destroying the anopheles, the characters are damaging nature. Such actions should not be encouraged. People have to treat the world in which they live with respect. I think that the only justification for such behavior can be that over half of a century ago, people did not have a lot of options that would combine killing the mosquitoes with saving the environment.

Overall, my initial impression of the video is more negative than positive. Even though it teaches people how to protect themselves against a deadly illness, it also contains a lot of instances of anti-environmental conduct. In my opinion, such actions should not be encouraged. Disney characters have always been favored by children and their parents. Thus, this company should be extremely cautious about the content of their videos.

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