Tommy Tenney: an American preacher and author

Tommy Tenney brings a fascinating biblical story to life with his new novel, Hadassah: One Night with the King. This novel blends Bible history the Old Testament story of Esther with the historical setting of Ancient Persia. The novel Hadassah: One Night with the King is a continuous narrative written with admirable artistic beauty. As the narratives move from one segment of the plot to another, the reader is kept in great suspense. Two major themes are woven through the story; the rescue of an entire race of people by a heroine and the complete change of fortune of several individuals.

Christian fiction in American literature has always been infused with religion, the popularity of Christian stories dates back to the 1940s, as leaders of the Evangelical Movement attempted to bring out their faith into the mainstream both religiously and culturally. The definition of Christian fiction is a literature that celebrates God’s presence in one’s life. It is narrow and didactic or broad and literal. In Christian literature, the relationship of the characters with God is the primary focus and the main theme of such stories is about the journey of the soul towards God. Christian fiction is used to reflect the fact that God plays a significant role in the plot and the outcome. Christian novels focus on ordinary people who are challenged to live their lives in accordance with Christian principles. Hadassah: One Night with the King by Tommy Tenney also stands as a Christian fiction.

Tommy Tenney is an American preacher and author; he began to preach at the age of sixteen and pastored nearly ten years. He was brought up under the teaching of United Pentecostal Church. Three generations of ministry gave Tommy Tenney a rich perspective. He spent over forty years in itinerant ministry and travelled to more than fifty nations. Tenney has written over thirty books and his writings have been translated into more than forty languages. His works were nominated for many awards including the Gold Medallion Award and Retailers Book of the year. He is the author of the multimillion selling books namely The God Chaser series, God’s eye view, God’s dream team, The ultimate comeback and Open heaven. The principal works of Tommy Tenney are Secret Source of Power, Chasing God, Serving Man, God’s favourite house, Mary’s prayer and Martha’s Recipes and Road Home.

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